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Amazing Benefits

This module manages the employee information through data capturing and advance filtering. The database can be filtered to the most discreet level of information. With personalized dashboard employees can update their information.
Manage employee attendance through the use of an automated time sheet and biometric machine. Get an analyzed report for employee attendance on any level of information.
An interactive environment between candidates and organisations across the globe for knowledge and solution sharing. This platform opens candidates to great opportunities through answering questions posted by any organizations.
Recruitment made easier through timed questions that ascertain applicants’ knowledge on job applied.
This module enables effective HR planning for all key aspects of the recruitment process from job vacancy, job posting and selection of qualified applicants.
This module provides candidate the materials and resources to learn and improve their knowledge in a particular area of study. Candidates can also acquire new skills by connecting with trainers on the platform for free and paid training sessions.

About Amfani.com

Amfani is a Human Resource Management Company that effectively match makes applicants to employers. This makes job hunting and recruitment process easier, intuitive and effective for both would be applicants and Organizations looking for quality candidates to fill available positions. The platform effectively allows an Organization manage all its human resources needs such as Recruitment/ Onboarding, Time and Attendance, Leave/ Time-off Management, Performance Management/ Training, Personnel Information management.

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