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Facility Manager

Bharbs Hotel and Suites

Abuja Dec 16, 2016 - Jan 1, 2017
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Major Duties and Responsibilities: 

·         Dealing with the sorting and dispatch of post and fax.

·         Preparing meeting rooms with regard to beverages and set up and clearing the rooms at the end of the meeting in order to restore it to the standard set up.

·         High volume copying, printing, scanning, collating and laminating of documents.

·         Binding documents for internal and external issue and for presentations.

·         Assist with ordering and distribution of stationery and maintenance of stock levels.

·         Replenishing paper and replacing toners throughout the office.

·         Assisting with Health & Safety Risk Assessments and complete appropriate forms, etc.

·         Liaising with the IT, administrative and HR departments in regard to setting up new starts, making arrangements for leavers and movers.

·         Carrying out minor maintenance work.

·         Identifying opportunities for process improvement.


·         Good attention to detail.

·         Highly motivated with a ‘can-do’ approach towards all given tasks.

·         Ability to work both as part of a team and unsupervised.

·         Good communication skills.

·         Ability to work under pressure.

·         Ability to use PC based departmental systems effectively.

·         Previous experience in managing large facilities and complexes

  • Patient manner

Key Performance Indicators

  • Office housekeeping
  • Office consumables
  • Printing and stationery
  • Office telephones and mobiles
  • First aid
  • Furniture
  • Managing various vendors and suppliers

·         Ensure requests and tasks are processed within optimum time levels

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