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Quality Control Officer/ Soil Scientist

Prime Commercial Farms Limited

Enugu Jan 17, 2017 - Feb 15, 2017
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  • applying knowledge of soil science, including the fundamentals of the subject, such as the biological, chemical and physical properties of soils, and their spatial and temporal variability across the landscape;
  • field work, including the collection of soil samples from a range of environments;
  • producing maps of soil types and their distribution;
  • monitoring or supervising laboratory research;
  • conducting laboratory analysis of soil samples and research experiments;
  • completing paperwork and cataloguing findings;
  • writing research reports and making presentations on findings, including scientific research papers and non-scientific client reports;
  • interpreting science to inform policy;
  • integrating soil science knowledge into aspects of land management and ecosystems;
  • keeping up to date with developments in soil science and related areas, as well as environmental issues and changes in legislation that may impact on your work;

Minimum Qualification: B.Sc Soil Science 


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