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Human Resources Officer

Interra Networks Ltd

Enugu Mar 1, 2017 - Apr 30, 2017
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  • Recruitment of employee for the organisation
    Develop & implement recruiting strategy bearing in mind relevant process.
    · Decide whether recruitment will take place externally or internally.
    · Select methods of the recruitment
    · Engage in recruitment.
  • Selection of human resources
    Develop and implement selection strategy (role profile and job description)
  • Provide selection short list for line management to make a decision.
  • Placement of employee
    Induction and orientation training
    Act as a facilitator for induction and orientation of new employees
  • Management of termination
    Advise management regarding terminating employment relationships. 
    · Conduct exit interviews. 
    · Develop a plan to replace competence lost. 
    · Analysis of employee turnover and advice management on pending problems and corrective action (where necessary). 
  • Develop a training & development process according to the requirements of legislation and with the improvement of productivity and delivery as outcome.
    . Conduct training needs-assessment including the assessment of prior learning and write training & development objectives based on the outcome thereof.
    . Conduct training & development. 
    . Evaluate training & development with regard to the return on investment. 

.  Promote training & development in the organisation.

  • Handle all external interfaces e.g vendors, facilitators etc.
  • Manage the budget for HRM functions
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